Welcome to our official 'Metalic Laser' web page - Plastic metal treatment.

We do the metal treatment in 2D system of materials like: steel tinware, acid-proof tinware, aluminum, wood and other. The advantage of laser cutting is obtain a high quality of edge. There is not necessity to further treatment of the material.

At the customer's request the details can be labeled eg. in order to identify them (engraving).
We also offer bending at the edge press of three metres length.
Our company undertakes to mass and miniseries production - at the depending on your needs. Our engineers are willing to help in the development of new prototypes. We are able to deliver finished products to your company in order to facilitate the production cycle. Our service has become a comprehensive service.

In case of doubts or questions please contact by email or phone - we answer at each of it.

We offer short lead times while maintaining the high quality requirements of our customers.